Students Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities

Students have the right to learn in a conducive learning atmosphere facilitated by SyLearn, its administrator and instructor(s). Students will be taught the subject matter in a theoretical and hands-on manner in order to learn the curriculum and prepare for certification test(s) where applicable. Should a student feel that they are not being taught in a proper manner, it is suggested that s(he) contact the instructor to discuss the same immediately. If the instructor is not able to satisfy their complaint within the next training session, the student is advised to send a complaint via email to the President of SyLearn at [email protected]. The President of SyLearn as the school administrator will work with the student and instructor(s) to ensure that any legitimate complaint and/or grievance is resolved within three calendar days for the best learning outcome of the student and the rest of the class.

If a student is still not satisfied with the solution provided by the school, s(he) are welcome to contact State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV) as the last resort. The student will not be subjected to adverse actions by any member of SyLearn as a result of initiating a complaint. The address for SCHEV is:

James Monroe Building
101 North Fourteenth Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Student’s Right to Cancel – Because we must schedule rooms, assign instructors and provision computer resources well in advance, it is important students’ alert us ASAP with any cancel/reschedule requests to avoid penalties or restrictions.

  • Open enrollment student cancellation or reschedule requests received at least 4 business days or more before the class starts will be processed promptly. Cancellation requests made in this time-frame are eligible for full refund. Student must cancel by May 12, 2020 for a full refund.
  • Student may cancel his/her enrollment agreement, by written notice, at any time prior to the first class day of the session for which application was made. When cancellation is requested under these circumstances, the school will refund all tuition paid by the student, less a maximum tuition fee of 15% of the stated costs of the course or program or $100, whichever is less; Student cancellation or reschedule requests made 3 business days or less before a class start will be charged a processing fee of $100 and the balance will be refunded. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy – In the unlikely event SyLearn cancels a class because the class has not met minimum enrollment (determined 1 week prior) or postpone a class due to events beyond our control, students will be notified as quickly as possible. In such cases the student may choose to reschedule to a future class date at no additional charge, or receive a refund for money on account relating to that registration.

The following refund policy shall apply for students who join a program and withdraw or are terminated during the program.

o   A student who enters the school but withdraws or is terminated during the first quartile (25%) of the program shall be entitled to a minimum refund amounting to 75% of the cost of the program.

o   A student who withdraws or is terminated during the second quartile (more than 25% but less than 50%) of the program shall be entitled to a minimum refund amounting to 50% of the cost of the program.

o   A student who withdraws or is terminated during the third quartile (more than 50% but less than 75%) of the program shall be entitled to a minimum refund amounting to 25% of the cost of the program.

o   A student who withdraws after completing more than three quartiles (75%) of the program shall not be entitled to a refund.

Right of Dismissal – In order to maintain a classroom environment that is conducive to learning for all, SyLearn reserves the right to dismiss a participant who is harassing other participants, the instructor, or who in SyLearn’s judgment is disrupting the class or our premises. In the case of dismissal, the student will be issued a refund as per the refund policy. 

Unforeseen Circumstances – In case of unforeseen circumstances like critical illness or death in the family, student will be allowed to defer and transfer to a future offering of the same course provided the course is still being offered and the student completes the course within one year from the transfer approved by SyLearn.

Inclement Weather Policy – Class delays and cancellations due to weather or other unforeseen factors will be posted on our web site. We strongly recommend students check the web site for such notices before heading out to the class.

Course Certificate

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants who:

  • Attended 100% of class sessions
  • Successfully demonstrated skills taught in the class in practical labs
  • Passed written quizzes and test with a minimum score of 80% Certificates are emailed to the email address on the registration record. Certificates are provided in PDF format.