Information Technology Training


Sylearn is a premier Information Technology training organization created to meet training requirements for Federal and State Government Entities, Public and Private enterprises, and general population of the DC Metro area.

We deliver your IT training class and course information in an understandable way that you’ll have the confidence to pass the certification exam. You’ll be able to grasp the material because our instructor’s real world experience and knowledge of the subject matter provides you the opportunity to ask precise questions and receive precise answers. Our courses are developed to teach the skills and knowledge required for today’s demanding and evolving job roles and functions in the Information Technology industry. Our key personnel have over 20 years’ experience working in the technology consulting and training arena. Of paramount importance to SyLearn is the continued high standard of training that is delivered. SyLearn’s quality control measures have been developed to ensure quality of training provision across three stages namely:

  • Course Development
  • Training Delivery & Evaluation
  • Training Support

Our instructors are an integral part of our team to deliver quality training to the participants and maintain the integrity of our course offerings. We only hire industry practitioners who are certified in the subject they are teaching in addition to having industry experience working and teaching that subject.

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